Phinally Phoenix

It was a rocky start to a weekend trip. Our 8pm Thursday night on frontier was delayed until it was cancelled after 11pm. After standing in line with angry passengers (with little hope of rebooking), we gave up and decided to go home. We back tracked the airport, shuttle, car and then drove back to Jenna’s for a brief sleep with little hope of returning…until we decided our sunk cost was lost and we might as well try to get an experience.

We got the 430 pm flight on Delta. We were hopeful about a 2 pm possibility until two platinum skymiles members bumped us. Then, our plane had mechanical problems and more mechanical problems and some weather. After a deplane experience, I began to think we shouldn’t go and was on hold with Delta about a refund when they let us reboard.

Woke up today and got busy making memories on Phoenix.

I’m going to share some pictures to prove it.

Hole in the rock at papago Park.
Sisters in the hole.
Rock formations with cacti

Sisters with too much sun and wind.

We left papago and went to South mountain park and preserve and hiked the pima canyon trailhead.

Then we picked up Alaska and went to a folk music festival and had dinner before going to a sunset. We didn’t see cocaine bear… Maybe next time Fiona?

2 thoughts on “Phinally Phoenix

  1. Love your travel journal entries!

    div>I’m waiting for my plane back to AVL.

    Jamie Howard, LCSW59 Cisco Rd.AVL, NC 28805828.335.0210

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