The Easter Bunny has really let himself go.

What a beautiful day in OR. Probably the first day we really relaxed into our semisabbatical. After leaving Harris Beach, we spent two nights at Sunset Bay.

Sunset Bay campsite
Trail to beach from Sunset Bay state park to Yoakum Point
Beach where Ringo played with his new best friend and we met locals who just happened to be the parents of the owner of the only brewery in town. (7 devils brewery in Coos Bay). They also told us how to get back to the campground in a a loop instead of an up and back.
Looks like bowling balls in the rocks
We caught a glimpse of the Easter Bunny on our way back to the campsite.

We had our first t@g drop and roll out which was amazing. We headed into town for a delicious late lunch.

Delightful way to write postcards.

After a late lunch we headed to Shore acres (and gardens).

Then we played some music and ate some fresh halibut. #campgroundChef

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