Hardin time getting over the hill

  • Had the best night of sleep so far and the worlds best cup of coffee on our travels at the KOA in Kennebec, SD.
  • Made it through South Dakota, Wyoming  and into Montana
  • Midway through our portion of MT, Ringo barfed up a hair scrunchy that he attempted to digest unbeknownst to us. #gross
  • 75 miles deep into Montana and the bus started sputtering. After stopping at the Loves in Hardin, MT we figured it was better to be towed to VeeWee’s Air Cooled in Billings from the Loves, rather than from the side of the I90 with people driving 80 mph beside us.
  • Having Ringo in tow seemed like a bad idea until the tow driver said it was cool for him to ride in the tow truck with us (Ringo was the most comfortable in the air conditioning since leaving AVL). We even had a pet friendly room lined up but passed a Campground (Yellowstone River Campground)  literally a football field away from the fixit shop. That’s 100 yards. I’m not sure what that is in meters. But like I said, we’re broke down in Montana USA. So we’re just starting our vacation earlier with a different agenda.
  • I broke my phone screen, so this post was harder than normal, but the park has WIFI and we prevailed.
  • I’ve commenced relaxing.
  • Is there any whiskey in this bus?
Yellowstone River

2 thoughts on “Hardin time getting over the hill

  1. Sorry to hear. Happy it wasn’t too bad of a lay up. Definitely, not the worst place to spend a little time. Seems to follow appropriately to your previous post of being flexible and changing plans. I’m glad you’re able to relax. Isn’t that what the trip was about? Take time to smell the roses… or cottonwood


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