A road trip and plane trip in 9.5 weeks

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Another day, Goodyear

Today we set out towards Estrella regional park. It didn’t disappoint. The wildflowers were amazing, and the dessert landscape is beautiful this time of year. These two old ladies kept jumping into my pictures. After a great dessert hike we headed to the baseball game. The ball park is quite scenic and we found a…

Phinally Phoenix

It was a rocky start to a weekend trip. Our 8pm Thursday night on frontier was delayed until it was cancelled after 11pm. After standing in line with angry passengers (with little hope of rebooking), we gave up and decided to go home. We back tracked the airport, shuttle, car and then drove back to…

Peaks of otter (poo)

Hiked to the top of flat top mountain before heading home. We had not eaten bfast, but just started hiking and never stopped. It was a beautiful trail with big squeaky poplar trees. I’m so luck to spend father’s day with my bff on the parkway. I needed that. Til next time.

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