Day 1: Ringo and the #pooBrownBus have left eastern daylight time.

We did our packing right this time, by interspersing a few minutes of friend time between packing shifts. After I dropped my equipment at 4, we had a fabulous banitsa made by Michael Shore on the porch formerly known as the covid Cafe.

We packed for a few more hours then met with Michael, and Craig, who sent us off with a 12 pack of hop juice for our roadtrip. We stayed up past 1130, but we managed to leave the house this morning by 9 and have officially entered central time @ #60mph in the #PooBrownBus

The morning was beatiful, and honestly it’s still pretty nice. We haven’t hit the heat wave yet, but the first song to play in the bus today was highway to hell (#plaidSeatSweat).

Three and a half days to the Oregon Coast. 100 miles to Illinois.

Chronicle:160880 miles at start
Traffic, but went ahead and knocked out the Hawaii license
It’s a bad day when you wreck into a semi.
Moving again.

9 thoughts on “Day 1: Ringo and the #pooBrownBus have left eastern daylight time.

  1. Hope you made it to St. Louis anyway, Kansas City is a stretch, at least it was when we traveled that route with my wild young’uns! Happy Motoring!


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