Yeah, I quit my job…

Through a series of fortunate events, I’ve managed to acquire nine and half weeks of vacation. Long story short, I knew it was time to start a blog to recover from this past year (#politcallycrazy, #skincancernose, and #covidsux) and Zen out with our travel journal. I’m going to post the good bad and the ugly and those of you STILL working for the man can tag along. I hope to not miss any days and count my blessings along the way, starting now before my last day at Vaya.

Veronica, George and I launch next Thursday, but we are in Virginia celebrating a birthday with a grand on the VA creeper.

Bike ride along Virginia Creeper Trail
Along the route
Doesn’t get much better.
Starting out on a gorgeous day
Llyod always delivers.

15 thoughts on “Yeah, I quit my job…

    • We are probably heading north of you all, (the Idaho route is untraveled by the Austin’s) but if we’re near Montrose, we’ll definately reach out. Thanks for the offer. Your hospitality is amazing!


    • We probably won’t go south this trip since the bus and it’s passengers don’t care for the heat. I would love to catch up. It’s probably been 5+ years since we saw you in San Francisco.
      LA is more of a winter trip and I’d love to visit.


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