Desperately seeking Dungeness

Trecking down Hwy 101 towards Jessie Honeyman State Park. We’re stopping at several seafood markets hunting Dungeness crabs but it sounds like they are out of season because Halibut season just started. I guess we’ll just have to suffer through all the local smoked salmon. Yesterday we bought a salmon tube stick that resembled salmon jerky/salmon sausage. It was good, but the smoked salmon we got in Brookings at Pacific Ocean harvesters was the best so far.

We then went to the sea lion caves. I took lots of pictures and lots of videos and I’ll try not to bore you, but they’re like giant slugs. Incredibly funny in their posturing with thier tiny little flappy fin arms. The cave is the states largest sea cave.

What I wasn’t expecting to see on the Oregon coast was little blue dune buggies in the sand.  I kinda wish I had an atv.

We ‘hiked’ up to the top. Atvs having a lot of fun right over there.

We are eating blueberries like they are free because they practically are.

Ringo was so stinky from ocean water and sand after his SandDune romp that he and Dr. Bonners met in the campsite shower. While waking around the campsite drying him off we noticed this set up. I think it would be funnier to have a dangling step ladder instead of the step stool.

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