Denali tour

Started early today to catch the tour. Woke up at 5 and still didn’t make the sunrise.

Driving to our 6:25 tour check in.

We saw a 2 moose, 4 Grizzley bears, countless caribou, and 5 sheep. Saw several using binoculars so I couldn’t get them on pics, but the grizzlies were posing for us.

Things I learned today :

  • Grizzlies usually maintain 300 square miles for their own food and eat 320,ooo berries a day. Denali bears are vegetarian for the most part because there are very few fish in glacial streams.
  • Denali moose are twice the size of a continental moose. 1700+ pounds and typically lose 400 pounds over winter.
  • Dall sheep were studied in the making of football helmets because they have a soft membrane between their brain and their skull. Their impact can reach a total combined impact of 140 mph. The studies led to the invention of gel padding in helmets used today.
  • Adolf Murie studied wolves in the park for 40 years and basically saved the wolves from extinction.
  • Dog sleds are still used in the park to maintain a park presence during the winter months. You can adopt these sled dogs.
  • The second largest (9.2 richter scale) earthquake in the world was in Alaska in 1964. The landmass grew up to 82 feet.
  • Don’t get buried in Alaska because the permafrost will push you back out of the ground. Get cremated. Duh.

3 thoughts on “Denali tour

  1. Love all your pictures and fun facts. So glad your girls got to come along on this journey. Brings back lots of memories. I love wild Alaska!


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