Working at home… Kinda

Seriously, I’ve been working my behind off. I cleaned the basement and took an entire load in Frank to  goodwill. It was so big, the first goodwill sent me away. I have also taken three cars for either inspections and /or oil changes.

I also tackled the yard. Slowly making progress. Before and after shots of the garden.

Ringo also headed to the beauty parlor too!

He’s so handsome

Fiona and I have started some college tours since last year covid canceled college excitement. We visited Appalachian yesterday.

We have also managed to squeeze in the friends and family time!

We leave for the originally scheduled Austin vacation to Alaska Thursday! 5 days!

Raining in Asheville

Asheville next 6 exits = rain.

We have officially made it home, all of us, including Veronica who has been cleaned, waxed, and vac’ed. It’s a race to see which camping equipment sells first! We are going to let fate sort out these details. If you know of anyone wanting a t@g or hippie van send them our way.

Shiny and ready to sell :
Also cleaned and ready to sell :

Probably hard to believe but I’ve spent the last two days cleaning up all the cars for potential selling. I would make a horrible detailer, it’s taken hours even though the kids have helped. It’s the cleanest the cars have been since we bought them.

This is what your ‘garden’ looks like after 5 weeks of neglect. There are actually 🍅 in there… Somewhere.
Ringo on the way to the beauty parlor, but he didn’t end up with a hair cut. Stay tuned until Friday.
Pizza night

South Dakota to Memphis

There wasn’t much to see yesterday as we spent 14 hours in the car.

Thanks to the Dwyer’s who hosted us and Sadira. Julia met me at the door with a margarita after a harrowing journey across the Mississippi River bridge which was under construction. I managed to sandwich frank between the construction wall and a semi on the smallest section of the construction zone with an accident on the opposite side at night facing flashing lights. The margarita never tasted as good and her velvety sheets were amazing.

Ringo was cracking out after the 14 hour drive
Family time
Maps and recommedations
On the road… Again

Badlands & Family fun!

Left Custer State Park and headed towards Yankton where my cousin Lisa vacations. First stop Badlands after our #campgroundschef breakfast.

After leaving Badlands, we headed towards Yankton, SD to meet my aunt and cousins. My shame of the entire trip is that I was rated third at doing donuts (behind my Morgan age 16 and George). It was apparently so bad that it was rated a burnout and not even a donut. #roomfordonutimprovement

More of a good thing: Custer State Park

We had a rocky start with little sleep, so our first priority was to fix Ringo. Shout out to my vet (Dr Hammonds: aka Wills dad) at Reems Creek who helped solve the Ringo issue over the phone and made our next night a literal dream.

Putting that poop issue behind us, we had so much fun in the the Black Hills we just stayed a second night there. We even got a Campsite with electric and turned on the ac in the T@g-Along.

Our travel tour started back up the Needles Hwy. Right after getting started, we arrived at the first tunnel and found two 18 – 20 foot horse trailers trying to turn around. We snuck through right before their attempts.

Here’s another shot of the smallest tunnel (needles eye)

Needles eye tunnel slow version.

We got to Rushmore and I needed to get fresh with George.

I tried to French him, but he wasn’t willing (his loss).

After Mt Rushmore we continued to our campsite (Legion Lake) via Iron mountain road, which has tunnels that literally frame Mount Rushmore. If you ever go to south dakota I highly recommend Custer park.

Custar State Park. Black hills

We left devil’s tower early. We wanted to try some caves. (jewel and wind) but that was a Ringo bust. We got to Custer state park. What a surprise!

Needles eye tunnel, we pulled the mirrors in. 8 feet wide.

Then we headed to sylvan lake, what a lovely surprise.

Center lake campgrounds site 13.

Devil’s tower

Primarily a travel day. We left Big Tetons and spent 9 hrs in Frank. I even legally traveled 81 mph! George says, I technically legally drove 80 miles per hour. The extra 1 MPH is just me living on the wild side. Devil’s Tower / Bears Teepee is a worthy visit. Check out their campground at the base of the tower.

Big tetons: Day 2

Since Ringo can’t go on the trails, it was just torture sitting around thinking about all the good hikes we couldn’t take. Rather than just sit around in the campsite feeling sorry for ourselves, we decided to take a trip into Jackson Hole and re-provision and check if Jackson Hole still had a brewery. Mission accomplished and another scenic route traveled.

We showered up and we got another fine sunset on Mt. Moran from the campground. While sitting there, a bald eagle flew right in front of us. We both decided it was the closest either of us had seen an eagle in the wild. #cagesDontCount

For those of you concerned, Ringo is still running loose, but #notintheT@g.

Your Tetons are showing

We started in Yellowstone so here are the west thumb pics before our ynp departure… And after our Ringo 2 hour squirt timer. If we look exhausted in these pics, well, we are.

Black Spring

The tetons are just amazing. Dogs can’t go on the trails so we just took a scenic drive and took lots of pictures. I’m just going to put lots of pictures up probably without a lot of description because #pictureWorth1000words

Then from the campsite we went to see the sunset over Mt. Moran.

Woke up very early and got our Yellowstone on. Good thing! We pulled into the nearly empty Old Faithful parking lot at 8 and by 10am, the parking lot was full and we were hitting the road back to campground to switch sites.

While there, Ringo got to see old faithful from afar. And we took turns going into the inn. We visited the geyser basin too. I have lots of pictures of Yellowstone that just can’t convey how weird Yellowstone is. It’s the sounds, the smells the colors, the deep hot bubbling pools of water /mud that you just can’t capture in a picture.

Inside the old faithful inn. This place never ceases to amaze me. It’s like a tree house.

We got back to the campsite and then after lunch drove to the canyon. It was beautiful. We found a trail to the top of the waterfall that was really cool.

Sorry about my finger…

We had dinner and took Ringo for a walk around the Yellowstone Lake. Pretty sure this lake water made him sick. He’s had diarrhea every 2 hours every night since this photo, but at the time I took it, he was just another cute wet dog and we were dog owners without a care in the world.

Late night Ringo